Saturday, August 06, 2011

Indian Govt’s Lokpal Bill a bad joke !

If you have been feeling that the Indian Govt. is shortchanging citizens with its Lokpal Bill, then you probably are right, have a look at these thought provoking talks by Arvind Kejriwal. Opened my eyes !

Kapil Sibal’s and Digvijay Singh’s comments are aired by all news channels, lets see how many show this!

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Aarya Gupta said...

Looks like the ruling class is safe in India forever and ever.
Because Indians lost their backbone. It is missing in their DNA completely now. Reasons are plenty.
For thousands of years, India ruled by foreigners.
People are still scared of the few hundred elite political leaders. The are afraid of the Police, rich people, even visiting foreigners.
After 7 decades of waiting and watching, one old guy is fasting for the rest 1.2 billion people. Another old guy is fighting in the slowest acting court system in the world. Read the history of other countries. Look at what is happening even in arab countries, former soviet union countries, why nothing changes in India forever and ever. Corruption is at the peak now. If you don't fight now? when will you? For our system and culture non-violenant protests are the best ways to go. Wake up and do at least that. If couple of old guys are doing it for you? why dont you join them instead of fighting based on petty issues like caste.