Friday, April 08, 2011

Let us support Anna Hazare

I come back from my blogging hiatus to support the great crusader of the rights of Indian citizens, Mr. Anna Hazare. He is the person who was single handedly responsible for bringing about the right to information act. The RTI act is one of the most powerful pieces of legislation which empower citizens of India to keep a check on the Govt. and its often times corrupt activities.

So when Anna Hazare starts a fast unto death, it’s a very important event for this country. Mr. Hazare is now fighting for an equally important piece of legislation which is the Lokpal Bill. Unfortunately the Govt. is keen to protect its corrupt by drafting a much weaker version of the bill and by having suspect ministers as part of the committee which is empowered to take a decision on this Bill.

Although we all used to think that a Govt. led by Dr. Manmohan Singh and others like P.Chidambram and Pranab Mukherjee would be superb for the nation, sadly scam after scam has seriously altered that thinking. The Govt. should re-evaluate its priorities and its commitment to legal reform and not just social and economic reform.

Let us all come together and support Anna Hazare !

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