Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bachelorhood Experiences : Food Cravings !

Its one of those things about bachelorhood, every once in a while you crave a certain type of food that wont be available in the God-forsaken place you live in and you have to make it yourself. Sometimes its complicated (like the lotus stem dish my mom used to make) but sometimes its as innocuous as lime soda. So here it is my friends, my lime soda craving.

It all started after a visit to the Little Italy restaurant in Banjara Hills on a team outing , the sweet lime water there was so nice that it reminded me of the days mom used to pack a bottle for me for school and later on for college. Since fresh lime is something one can easily make at home, I decided to bring pseudo-home the ingredients :

1. Lemons – Rs.39.9/kg from Reliance Fresh


2. Pudhina (Mint Leaves) – Rs.40 something/kg from Reliance Fresh , pretty cheap the huge bundle I got cost me just Rs. 1.79


3. Soda (can be replaced with water) Rs. 12/600ml – Had to tell my roommates this is for lime soda and not other drinks Smile


4. Salt – Made a mistake here, should have bought rock salt, but bought normal sea salt. Will get rock salt next time.

5. Sugar – To Taste , You may skip the sugar or add sucralose if you are health conscious. If you are health conscious and stupid, put in some aspartame and kill your kidneys.

Method of preparation – Separate the mint leaves from the stem and thoroughly clean them in running water. Put them out in a plate and let them dry.

Cut the lemon into 2 and squeeze out the juice in a glass, add sugar and salt to taste.

Twist the mint leaves with your hands and add them to the concoction. At this point you should have something like what's shown below :

ABCD0008 ABCD0009

Now just add some soda and you will have fresh lime soda. Easy wasn’t it, now if you are a bachelor, see the mess you have created, enjoy the drink and then start cleaning it up.

I was in such a hurry to drink up the lime soda, I forgot to take its photo Smile with tongue out , btw, this tongue out smiley is weird ! Feedback for the live writer team.


Rohit said...

Weird post but a nice one. BTW sweet lime is मौसम्बी, the one we got is called Fresh Lime.

vaibhav said...

the last line regarding the "face with tongue out " is awsome is really weird :) :)