Friday, February 19, 2010

Updates to my Life

Well, life is not busy anymore. Its the first time in 4 years I have had days where literally I had nothing to do ,nothing ! But as they say an empty mind is a devil's workshop, so a lot of thoughts have been coming to my head.

Before I get down to the dirty business, lets do the customary semester post, this is 8th semester and we have only 3 theory subjects + 1 big BTP.

Theory subjects include :
1. Software Engineering
2. Networking
3. Expert Systems and Advanced AI

The classes arent on in full swing though, a sense on non-urgency is set upon everyone. Going to class it seems is optional, I have been trying hard to attend all classes but the attendance is barely 15/60 per class.

In other news, I gave a piece of my mind to some juniors who were throwing used paper/plastic utensils at each other and littering the college. I was a little rude, but come to think of it , if educated people behave like this what can we expect from those who are not educated.

Also dear car (Jakiro) almost gave me a scare last week, it started to leak engine oil and that too at an alarming rate. Apparently it was due to a faulty timing seal fixed by Maruti Service Masters (supposed to be the best Maruti service center in Delhi (definitely the most expensive), but my experience was completely the opposite). Avoid them at all costs, multiple complaints = no response from them.

Moving onto other things, college is ending soon but I don't have any feelings about it, more of indifference to everything. Unlike school, college is not really your second home. I mean college reminds me of the long bus rides I used to take, the tension filled days and not knowing the syllabus one day before the exam :P . Its not like I don't recognize what it has done for me, college has given me a lot of opportunities and a lot of success also. If I were in xyz college I would not have tasted this kind of success and of-course the fee here is minuscule and the Return on Investment is awesome. Both God and the college have been really kind to me. Also I did get to meet a few good men/women in college. It would be interesting to see what effect the end of college has on them.

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