Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad experience on Delhi’s Roads

I was coming home from college, was near Dwarka when I saw this Alto which had some contractor pvt. ltd. written behind it (typical business run cars in Delhi with disregard for any law), all glasses heavily tinted, driver window half open. The car was in the middle lane and I successfully overtook it on the right overtaking lane and also sounded a brief horn to let the car know.

I look towards the right side and see the Alto accelerate and also tilt towards me, to my horror I see the moron driving the car is chatting with the co-passenger and car is drifting towards me without him even paying attention to the road.

Pretty soon, his car hit my car. And that’s when he finally looked onto the road. Realising that a lapse in his concentration caused the accident, he decided to run like a little girl. He accelerated the car to full (I knew we have speed breakers and a super long red light ahead), so I followed slowly and finally I see him heading towards the red light with full speed. Thankfully all the lanes were blocked otherwise he would have skipped the light and probably got himself killed.

At the light, I was unable to control myself and asked him to step out and inspect the damage on my car which includes a moderate scar and multiple scratches from his bumper.

He knew it was his mistake and apologised, I told him that I know he was not looking onto the road and was talking to a co-passenger. He didnt deny and said “Main sorry keh raha hun” , he called the damage on my flawless paint till now ‘minor’. Anyway, I told him to drive carefully in the future as he is responsible for others’ safety also on the roads. Dont know if anything registered into his head or not.

I was a little shaken by the incident, I mean even if you drive absolutely perfectly, there are people who might hit and consequently injure you and your vehicle. All this goes down to the super corrupt RTO and licensing department of Delhi state. The road tests are not even conducted for people who come through agents. I remember at my road test, an agent was talking about how approach can skip the road test. since I drive well, I decided to do the test and ofcourse cleared it. I had also cleared my learner’s license test in 1st go.

Just a small mention here, most of the people I know in college got their Driving License by illegal means, either bribing or approach or both. The sad part is that they are proud of it. Truly sad.

Here is hoping for saner drivers on Delhi’s roads.

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