Sunday, January 03, 2010

The world’s best Auto Driver

Today was my XAT exam which I had filled before I had gotten placed well, coming back from XAT was going to be a pain as dad had told me he wont come to pick me up and I didn’t have the courage to take my own car due to parking constraints.

I walked from Army Public School to the Moti Bagh road and saw an Auto standing near the road on my side. I asked the slightly old man if he would goto my area and he agreed, we agreed on a price and I was off.

At the Moti Bagh red light, he asked me if I had ever come on TV, I said no (not counting my 1-2 appearances in TV shows). Then I asked him if he had, and he had infact been on TV , apparently he is an artisian and also makes models. He infact makes models for Delhi Metro also. He told me how he knows almost every Architect in Delhi since they come to him for making their course projects. He also asked me stuff about engineering and was really eager to learn.

The ride was awesome, we talked about a lot of  other stuff too on the way, I can say he was probably the best auto driver I have ever been ferried by. I wish that I take his Auto in the future also.

Lovely day it was !

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