Sunday, January 10, 2010

What happened to my Delhi Metro :(

The Delhi Metro used to be the pride of the city, but today it was quite frankly a very harrowing experience, the number of people have multiplied by 1000 while the trains arent being increased fast enough.

Whats the point in adding new lines and stations to the network everyday if you are not going to increase the trains. The queue at Rajiv Chowk to goto DU North Campus was so long that it almost spilled over to the Csec. side’s tracks

Very bad experience.


Ishita said...

Most of your posts directly or indirectly relates to driving/traffic/drivers..or roads..hehe :)
Ever considered opting for the ministry of road transport and highways??

Tikna said...

Ha ! , am already juggling multiple job options and future study options, cant afford to add more to the list :)

Tikna said...

On second thoughts, why not :P , let me know of any openings if you are aware of them :D