Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something smart here, this is, isn’t it ?

For those of you who have me added on Gtalk, you must have seen for 90% of the time my status is the title of this post. The rest 10% of the time , its either my office name or the latest in the series of flus I have (stomach or common, thankfully nothing related to pigs).

I am often asked by friends what the above means, see it goes like this, Something smart here means that there should be a smart and witty status message in my Gtalk status. And come to think of it, it itself is something smart, isnt it :P , Deep I know :)

Anyway, if I ever am able to publish the book which I pen down in my free time, I am sure I will some sort of permutation of the above title.


Moving on then. I am onto the phase in life where-in I am having long discussions with friends late into the night with old/recent friends. I guess the 4th year of college is a philosophical journey. You discover so many new things about yourself, about the people around you. Plus you got to prepare for the journey to the outside world. We seem to have our hands full and you add 4th year academics as well. Thankfully all our teachers were kind enough to set easy papers for the midsems :) (thank you teachers).

So here comes the semesterly post, the subjects I have this year are :

1. Compiler Design

2. Digital circuits and systems – II

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Finite Automata

5. Advanced Microprocessors


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