Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad bad bad day today

"Rain rain go away,
Little Johnny wants to play"


"Rain rain go away,
Little Ankit wants to drive to college and actually reach there"

Today was always going to be one of those days, I had reserved today as a study day for Artificial Intelligence. But things seldom go as planned. I had to make a trip to college today, I remember waking up at 9am and dad telling me to take the metro due to the rain, I said to myself, it isnt raining too hard, plus I will leave at 10:30 and will go after the office rush.

Here is how things unfolded :

1. Leave home at 10:30 am, dropped mom off so that she could take an auto and was on my way on the Outer Ring Road. There isnt a lot of traffic today I said to myself.

2. 10:45, Already near Vasant Vihar, cool, good progress and I pat myself on the back.

3. 10:55 , Hits the Vasant Vihar Crossing, huge pileup of cars there. This is by far the worst junction these days, the traffic cops just cant handle the traffic load due to the opening of the IIT Hostel flyover and subsequent road narrowing due to Rao Tula Ram Marg flyover construction. There is a traffic jam even at 8:30 am here when I goto college.

4. 11:30 get out of the mess at Vasant Vihar , clear road ahead to Airport.

5. Reach the Airport roundabout, see lot of rush coming from Airport road, so decide to enter inside airport thinking I would go from Palam Airport.

6. Hit a traffic jam inside the Airport (Wow), bumper to bumper traffic, see my opportunity and exit from Dhaula Kuan side taking the roundabout again.

7. Enter the road to Dwarka and its jammed, the cars are there almost till the roundabout(1.5 km to next signal), its 12:00pm, enough is enough, decide to go back home.

8. Traffic Jam again from Gurgaon side. The office rush is still there at 12:30 pm. Enter into bumper to bumper traffic again, trucks are also entering the city (illegally?), probably got delayed due to the rain, but they add to the chaos.

9. Reach Munirka, where the roads are a warzone, pray that the suspension of my 14 year old car is able to take the strain and doesnt give in. The potholes are seriously huge and I wonder how many cars are damaged due to them eveyday.

10 . 1:15 Back at home, wasted close to 3 hours and didnt even get my work done. :(

Here are some photos I took while I was stuck in traffic on the way back.

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