Friday, July 10, 2009

Life Here at MSFT

Hi, for those of you who dont know, I am an intern with Microsoft.

So the disclaimer :
All posts here are my personal opinions only, nothing here can be taken to be the views/opinions of my organization in any circumstances.

Now that that is out of the way, lets talk about life here :

This is the first time I am staying away from home, so this is indeed a new experience for me. Staying in Hyderabad and actually working in one of the best companies in the world sort of expands your perspective. You can see really how challenging it is to run big companies, where every small detail needs to be taken care of and is taken care of.

Working here is a blast , especially with the free beverages and snacks (free gym is also included BTW). Also worth mentioning is our super cool campus. It houses 3 branches of Microsoft India, I work at the IDC (India Development Center).

I work in the LiveMesh Team (which is a great team with great people). I absolutely enjoy every second of being in this office, whether its the work, the fun or the games. The people here are just awesome, smart at what they do.

More than half of my internship is over and I have done work which I had imagined I would never be able to do. Thats the biggest thing I have learnt here, that one should never doubt himself or his abilities. Another thing I have learnt is that i will make a pretty good programmer :P , I seem to understand code pretty well and code well and fast also :D. I really surprised myself with the speed that I grasp sample code.

Thats enough for now then. :)


Akshay Aurora said...

Hi I was interested in knowing more about how to be an intern at microsoft could you pls give some details.

BTW, what are your qualifcations..

I am in grade 11

Tikna said...

1. You need to get into an engineering college , a good one where Microsoft comes to recruit , e.g. IITs, top NITs, NSIT , DCE , BITS Pilani etc. You can also apply off campus, but chances are pretty low unless you are very talented and your credentials speak that.

2. You need to be terribly good in programming and algorithms.

I am a 4th year engineering student.

Akshay said...

Hi thanks alot for your response.
Yes, hopefully I'll get into some good college.It's something everyone aspires for.

Also have you heard of MSP[Microsoft Student Partners]...