Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Communicator Syndrome

This is a self reflection post. Here in Office, everyone has the communicator syndrome. What that means is that you ping the person sitting in the Cube next to you instead of getting up and going to talk to them.

Technology does make us so lazy. Infact I have even emailed people in the cube next to me.

Anyway, I will be spending the next 2 weeks alone in the Livemesh team without any other interns :( , all my friends completed their work this week and are going back to their respective colleges.

Other news, Today was the longest call I have ever made to Domino's pizza, the lady on the other end couldn't understand Hindi and spoke very broken English :(, probably said some stuff to me in Telegu (hope I didnt get abused in Telegu as that would be a first). Anyway, I wonder if my pizza will ever reach me :) , I spent a good sum of time explaining that my cellphone is from Delhi and she will need to call me via another cell phone or STD phone. Anyway, hope I don't have to sleep hungry today.

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