Monday, June 15, 2009

Hyderabad : The city of extremely bad drivers

Hi, old readers would feel a sense of déjà vu with this post, in December 2006 i had come to Hyderabad to visit my brother. Little did i know that 3 years later i would be working in the same super cool office.

Now Hyderabad is a weird city, people here don't follow traffic rules. The roundabouts are as small as the traffic police pedestals of Delhi and the locals throw in some buffalos to make things more challenging. Havent gone around much in Hyderabad since I have a lot of work to do plus the folks around me are also lazy like me and would rather spend the Sunday in bed than on the roads exploring the city.

On an unrelated note, this Sunday got so boring that i headed over to office to play a little pool and TT, also spent some time at the Gym. I got absolutely pummelled at TT. Pool is another story though, have started to play pretty good.

The weather is is decent-ish, but we stay in AC all day at the office and at the company paid guest house, so i guess we don't really 'feel the heat' (no pun intended). I guess once we move into our own accommodation, things wont be this cool (no pun intended again) :P

Ok, by now 90% of the readers must have migrated to another time-zone in order to avoid my lame puns. So i will sleep now.

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Abhishek Nandakumar said...

We Delhiites are lucky to be blessed with the best roads in the country. Of course, Chandigarh is another place with good roads. But the point is, that everyone finds it difficult to adjust to roads in other places in India because of how good our bad Delhi roads are.