Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Driving Manners

I am in the middle of exams, but still take time out to write this post. I have recently started to drive to college, perhaps the 764 taking the dusty palam railway track instead of the multi crore and multi kilo-meter flyover the Govt. had so painfully constructed was the final nail in the coffin. So i drive around 25kms one side daily and one thing i notice is that people on the road are always angry. I keep relaxed and smiling while driving while most others i see are mad about something it seems. People cut lanes, cut other people off and never give the other person way.

Anyway, a nice incident to narrate now, today while going to college i saw an uncle in his matiz was in the wrong lane near Munirka, he wanted to go straight and was stuck in right lane which was stationary. I saw that he was looking to enter the middle lane and i stopped for him and gestured him to go ahead and join the middle lane. He did so easily as I wasn't trying to stop him. Anyway, it was so nice to see, he appreciated that i gave him the way and thanked me by gesturing to me 3-4 times, i gestured him back that it was my pleasure :) .

Such a nice warm and fuzzy feeling , I was in a good mood the whole day. I am sure all of us have gotten into wrong lanes by mistake, so when someone does, please let him/her get into the right one and don't cut him off. He/She will definitely appreciate it and thank you and your day will be brighter.


Aditya Anand said...

I am commenting just to let you know how much I appreciate what you die :)

Tikna said...

Thanks (hoping you meant 'did' :P)

Aditya Anand said...

Ah my new wireless keyboard sucks. So does my habit of watching TV episodes on half my screen as I type :P