Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Nostalgia etc.

On my way to college in the infamous 764 bus, i couldn't help but feel nostalgic, for I could see students in their school uniforms doing some last minute revision for their board exams. Hard to imagine that 3 years ago i too was one of them and now i am only about 1.3 years away from graduating as an engineer. When you are in school you are in this great hurry to get to college and get your freedom.

But when you enter college you suddenly realise how good school was , the teachers, the school campus, your friends etc. Not that college is bad, I have the good fortune of studying in an awesome college but still cant help miss school a little. Especially since I can almost see my school from my home (2 minutes walk) and my college is 1.5 hours by bus from my home and i up-down everyday.

Here i must mention the obsession that we have with DTC buses. You can literally see students in sweltering heat waiting for a DTC, signalling private buses to move along almost in a teasing sort of way. And boy oh boy, the joy on their faces on seeing a DTC is something to write home about. Absolutely amazing. The fact is that DTC buses are faster, cleaner, less crowded and have much better seats than any blueline (did i mention free for us due to student passes). But somehow the number of DTCs on our route has been on a steady decline. That's what makes the wait even more worthwhile when you see that yellow face of the DTC bus with its huge windshields. Its pretty easy to spot a DTC from a distance.

Anyway, back to the present now. The midsems are on the horizon now and are fast approaching, sounding the start of the super study phase of the semester. Our cult fest Moksha wouldn't be as big as it is usually due to the recession that has also hit our sponsors. The recession also makes our placement season next sem very dicey, hopefully the effect of the recession wouldn't be that huge on our placements.

Also i am really enjoying doing Quant questions (kind of the ones asked in aptitude tests of placements also), i get this huge adrenalin rush on completing the questions as fast as possible, kind of like being back in school where there used to be battles as to who will finish his question first and announce the answer spoiling the party for others :P .

Also lots of exciting stuff planned for the summers. Plans which shall be revealed in due course.

Pretty long post, back to completing my uP prac. file now :)

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