Friday, December 12, 2008

Tum Chalo !

How many times have you blamed your country, if you see a problem, work to resolve it, or you have no right to crib about it.

I remember i was in class five or four. I was taking part in the hindi story telling contest. My story was "Apna kaam swayam karo" (loosely translates as do your own work). Today i will tell that story again. There was once a farmer, he was travelling on a bullock cart and was going through some mud when one of his wheels got stuck. He wondered what to do !

A few students were passing by, he asked them to give the cart a lift, they ignored him and walked on. Then the village policemen passed from in front of him and also ignored his pleas. Then some more farmers were coming, he asked them to help push his cart, they said they were in a hurry. Finally hours passed and almost everyone had an excuse or totally ignored him.

Defeated, he finally got down from his cart. The mud was knee deep, he started pushing but couldnt really lift the heavy bullock cart. The same students from the morning were coming back, seeing the farmer pushing the cart, they decided to chip in, but the cart was still stuck. The policemen were also passing from the area, seeing the students and farmer , they decided to help too and so did the other folk who had turned a blind eye to him earlier. Together they lifted the cart out of the mud and the farmer thanked them all.

Hopefully you do understand the moral of the short story.

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guptaaks007 said...

Dude...How do you tend to relate it to the present day context ?
Has it ever happened to you..anything of this sorts !!