Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finally Another Post : Complete Randomness

Well its time for another post, people at college are bugging me for another post. I never knew so many people at college read my blog so eagerly :P (i know a lot of you are grinning).

Well since i am pretty much not doing anything else for the past few weeks, lets talk about my subjects. I had missed a week of college (actually i was ill for 12 days) due to hugh grade viral fever which thankfully wasn't dengue (both serology and antigen tests were negative). Anyway the point being i had to work extra hard to recover all the lost ground. This week was 5 midsem tests back to back.

1. Computer Graphics - This was really the subject in which i had missed the most and had to work the hardest to recover. But i am happy to say i learnt all line clippings by myself, and not to mention Bresenham's for Ellipses and Parabolas. Was back in class for polygon clipping.

2. Computer System Organisation (also sometimes taught as Computer System Architecture) - My favourite subject. We had everything from design of basic computer to Assembly programming coming. Thankfully our teacher lessened the course by excluding Microprogrammed control and only hardwired control was in for midsems. Studied from Morris Mano, paper had a big design question apparently from Carpinelli.

3. LIC - Linear Integrated Circuits - All the course was done while i was ill, learnt everything by myself from notes from various sources. Its basically a very numerical subject with emphasis on Op-Amps.

4. Discrete Maths/Algos - We are now over with the discrete maths part (Predicates et all) , moving onto Algos now.

5. IOME - This is basically management, organisation and industrial economics. A good subject , really nice to see what managers are taught to think like.

Now that my semester-ly post about engineering subjects is over, a burden seems to have been lifted off of me. So whats next ?

I am thinking of giving the GRE in December, lets see how that works out. Surprisingly i told this to a friend and he said isn't that too late, then i told him engineering is a 4 year course and he wasnt ready to believe me (:O) , i guess a lot of people in DU think all courses are 3 year long.

Need to clear out a few things, also need to get a good project (don't want 'em good universities rejecting me :P)

Its also amazing to see the lengths people are going for CAT preparations, i mean they are learning vocab like their lives depend on it and they discuss it like an old India Pak cricket match.

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