Saturday, August 16, 2008

Indian Olympians at 2008 Summer Olympics

Ah well, it seems cricket hogs all the limelight in India, so here is a short post about Indians doing well in the Olympics (some of them are already out, but did well nonetheless).

1. Abhinav Bindra (he also blogs :P) - The golden boy, everyone now knows about him.

2. Akhil Kumar - 54kg Boxer - Currently in Quarterfinals, defeated world champion in pre-quarters.

3. Jitender Kumar - 51kg Boxer- Won his match today in style, really aggressive boxer.

4. Vijender Kumar - 75 kg Boxer - Didnt watch his bout today, but he won, defeated opponent in style (13-3) , his next bout is really tough.

All three boxers above are in quarters :) , best of luck to them !

5. Leander Paes/Mahesh Bhupathi - I have fond memories of watching them do their magic in Wimbledon, i never used to watch tennis but watching them play used to make me feel proud. But things fell apart, ever since the public and ugly spat made ten times worse by irresponsible media looking for spicy news, the magic has never really been recreated. Nonetheless, they are great Olympians. But they were creamed by the Swiss pair led by Fedex :(.

6. Saina Nehwal (often mistakenly called as Sania Nehwal for obvious reasons) - She came to limelight when she won the Phillipines Open, coached by Pullela Gopichand (who refused to endorse cold-drinks unlike money hungry cricketers) and supported by Mittal's Champion trust. She lost out in a 3 set match in the quarter finals, but is a great player to watch out for in the future. I remember we had a quiz questions about the first Indian lady to win a 4 star badminton event, everyone wrote Aparna Popat, i wrote Saina Nehwal.

7. Sania Mirza - India's first top 50 ranked woman tennis player, her runup to the Olympics was marred by injuries and hence couldn't do well.

8. Anup Sridhar - Great future prospect, defeated in round of 32 by Japanese Sato.

A lot more Olympians worth watching are taking part in the Olympics and this post in no way does justice to all of them, just give them a little support and to show them that we Indians are proud of them all :)

If there is a mistake/omission, let me know by the comments column.


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that of the athletes you mentioned all bindra, akhil, jitender and saina are supported by the Mittal Champions Trust

Tikna said...

Thanks for letting me know !

The Mittal Champion's trust is doing an excellent job in training our athletes for the future.