Saturday, June 07, 2008

What's up doc ?

Well its been a long time since i updated the blog, been really busy doing other stuff like studying, playing games, searching for stuff to spend money on etc. Anyway there is a lot going on with me.

Dell Inspiron 1525Firstly i got a new laptop, its a DELL Inspiron 1525,in totality it cost me around 1026 USD (including tax and customs) and is awesome. The only thing lacking is a good graphics card. In order to make the Inspiron smaller and sleeker DELL have removed support for an external graphics card on this laptop. The laptop has a 2 GHZ processor with 4 MB cache. It has all the finer things in life including built-in Bluetooth, webcamera and an IR remote to control Windows Media Player and Powerpoint Presentations. It also had touchscreen media buttons. I compared it to an old Dell Inspiron and it kicked butt both in terms of design and performance.

I also got a Bluetooth mouse to complement it. It was paid for by my brother :P. Its the Logitech V470 and it connects seamlessly without any dongle or receiver to my laptop.

All i gotta do now is learn how to install Windows Xp on this Dell machine. ;) , currently i have Windows Vista Home Premium which aint so bad also. In fact i am starting to like Windows Vista, especially the Aero interface.

Also the laptop is so glossy , you can see my ceiling and my hand taking the photograph. It turns heads wherever you are and everyone comments on how cool your laptop looks.

 Inspiron 1525


Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Great. But isn't a graphic card essential? What score does Vista give you when you look at the system properties.

Tikna said...

I get a measly 4 due to my bad graphics card, other options are all 4.8+.

Tikna said...

Yeah a separate graphics card is great for games and all, but it sort of helps me keep off them. I can still play NFS U2,halo 2 etc. on it so it aint that bad.

Abhishek Nandakumar said...

A 4 without optimization is great. I get 5.6 on my MacBook Pro after optimization.

Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Apart from that heat is another thing reduced while not having a graphic card.

Do you have no interest in Macs? You could have tried Leopard on your PC you know.

Tikna said...

Yeah maybe, but i would like to try out Mac OS on a mac only. Lets see when i get a job i might buy a Macbook Pro or whatever is there at that time.

Buying a macbook from India is very expensive in comparison I think.

I will see about Leopard on PC, i am very vella right now, might just do it :)

Yeah also the battery life on this is much better than my brother's DELL machine who has a GeForce in his laptop.

And again about the size, you really cant imagine how much they have shaved off in terms of size, its only when you see an old Inspiron with this you realise that the new one is quite small and the old one is bulky and ugly. I almost puked on my friend's 55k DELL 1520 laptop it looked so ugly. But ofcourse to him its beautiful :P