Friday, May 23, 2008

Free Almost !

I had my last theory exam today. The blog is lying neglected due to the extreme study pressure.

I had communications today, the exam was so tough that most people, even the super toppers were left bewildered. But my exam didnt go so bad, infact it was good.

Thanks to the super huge amount i devoted to communications as i had scored pathetic marks in the mid-semesters, and if there was one subject i was going to flunk this semester, it was going to be communications. I wont be failing now unless something extremely drastic happens.  Hopefully that wont happen.

Anyway i wont know until next semester when the results come out.

I have 2 exams left, on Monday i have my data structures viva and on Friday i have my Linux/Unix winter training viva.

Wish me luck !


Abhishek Nandakumar said...

I guess you people do so well that you have terms like super topper and uber topper :)

Tikna said...

hehe :)

sort of made that term up ! , but you get the point ;)

Aditya Anand said...

Best of Luck!

At least your exams are ending!