Saturday, February 23, 2008

Trip To Pune

I recently went on a short trip to Pune to attend to some family matters, the trip was intentionally kept as small as possible in order to ensure minimum missing of college classes. If there is one thing i have learnt in college, its that missing classes is pretty bad for your marks if you are the non-rattu and non-jugadu student.

Well anyway, here are some photos of my trip (bad quality and quantity of pics as dad forgot to carry the digital camera, so it was left to Nokia N72 to show its magic) ::

Photos from the plane, including the famous Mumbai Jhuggis near the airport, the Pune airport was closed BTW. So we took a taxi from Mumbai to Pune. On the way we ate at Dosa Plaza which boasts of around 100 different types of Dosas. I can safely say their Mysore Masala dosa was 10 times better than Sagar Ratna and probably at half the price.

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Also some photos from a Mall in Navi Mumbai :



Interestingly there is no photo from Pune in the ones i have posted :P


Rohit said...

as dad forgot to carry the digital camera?

Pushing the blame huh?

Ankit said...

Great pics .. 1st one is really rocking !!