Thursday, December 06, 2007

The intelligent people fight back

You fight fire with fire(actually water), but anyway to bring people who use Orkut to their senses, fight spam with spam.

I lost my brand new Natraj HB pencil with a rubber attached. The pencil costs Rs.3/. If u forward this msg I will get one paisa from orkut. If you have heart and want to
help a poor child in need, plz fwd it to atleast 10 friends. Please don't neglect. Otherwise my mom will scold me.

If you forward it then your life will change for ever (u will get one pack of sketch pens and an apsara non-dust eraser within 3 days). Do NOT delete this message otherwise greek gods will get angry with you and your life will be pencil-less forever.
Good Luck will come to you for wasting time.

Man, if i had got this earlier i could have gotten a free non-dust eraser. Send this message to all the people who send you stupid spam.

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Anonymous said...

Neat :)