Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tata Indicom Broadband Blooper

Wow, 1 month after i have gotten my new Tata Indicom connection, i am told that there is no Tata Indicom broadband in my area :O

I must be using some alien's line that means :P

Dear Sir

Thank you for your interest in the supersmart, superfast Tata Indicom Broadband connection.

We regret to inform you that, at present, we are not able to provide a connection at the location indicated by you.

In future, when we are able to provide a Tata Indicom Broadband connection in your location, we will get in touch with you.

In the meanwhile, we would like to recommend you to the Tata Indicom Total Internet dial-up service for your Internet needs. Tata Indicom Total Internet comes packed with a host of features - Internet access and Net telephony on a single pack, Enhanced Web Mail, National and International Roaming and more.

For any queries, do write to us at customerservice@vsnl.co.in

Best Regards,

Customer Service
Tata Indicom Broadband


Rohit said...

Maybe they had just one connection left and you took the last one ! ;)

Tikna said...

Maybe so, but why send me an email after i have got the installation done , weird CRM they have !!!


Anonymous said...

"supersmart, superfast Tata Indicom Broadband connection"

Whoa ! , its super smart !

♥busy_writer♥ said...

haha.. :D

p.s-i listed my blog on the indian bloggers list over a mnth ago.. it still hasnt been approved :(

Tikna said...

Ah well, sorry about that, been busy with college and all.

Will add your blog by the end of this month,as i have exams coming up next week, so will do the needful after that.

♥busy_writer♥ said...

no problem. thanks.
all the best for your xams!

Anonymous said...

To tata indicom customer care: tata indicom internet services are really very bad. either it is internet, anti virus protection tools, what ever......just too bad. staff doesn't understand the complaint. they have to be told same thing again and again and again........more than 15 times but they can't solve problems and keep giving irrelevant replies. i am facing two such problems since last couple of weeks, but no solution yet. your broadband service is also very bad. you even change the broadband plan to higher plan even without informing and keep billing for that. my complaint nos. are 10993384 and 11361812. if any one is seriously interested in improving the reputation of the company they should solve this. hope you become customer friendly and solve the simple problems your customers are facing. it is really very irritating and frustrating beyond limits in such consumer friendly times. if this problems are not solved matter will be taken to consumer court. - devang j Mehta (email: maildjm@gmail.com)