Thursday, July 26, 2007

Changing the Room Switch Socket

It had been broken for too long, i knew i had to do something , but what ? , call the Electrician ?

Why do that ! , one of the things i love doing is repair work around the house, just love being the in-house handyman (except plumbing jobs obviously)

The patient ::

Switch Change

The Diagnosis : Sort of Cancer (the broken thingy is like a tumour), needs organ transplant after tumour removal (a new socket to replace the old one)

Switch Change

The Replacement Organ :: the shiny new replacement
Switch Change

The Operation :: Tumour Successfully removed,here seen detached from host.
Switch Change

The Treatment :: New organ successfully transplanted.
Switch Change

But will it work, i test it via a mosquito repellent vaporiser (not my finger) ::


Tarun said...

Well dude, you have way too much time on your hands.. :D

Dhruv said...

I'm sure APJ's electronic's teacher would be proud of you.

Well, maybe not.

Ankit said...

@Dhruv : :@ :@ :@