Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to wreck your Site !

Ok after the infamous guide to wrecking your computer, i am back again with tips to wreck your website. But it seems my site was down and so was Orkut , atleast Google and me got something in common :P.

Anyway coming back to the topic. I had decided to finally upgrade my wordpress installation to the latest release. I decided to do it via Fantastico so that nothing would go wrong and boy was i wrong. Everything went wrong, it did , I swear.

When I clicked on upgrade, it assured me a backup would be created before upgradation, so I didn't bother much with my own backup. It said that it had completed the upgradation, when i opened the site, i found ALL my posts deleted. ALL OF THEM. Then i decided to do the step by step recovery. I deleted the folders it asked me to delete. And i deleted the files it asked me to delete. But to my horror, it did not have many of the files I had deleted in the backup. And then I decided to atleast save the database, and the database backup wasn't even created although in the progress bar it clearly said that a database backup was there by the name of backup.sql or something, but there was none. I would have sued Fantastico if I were in the US. Well i am not and like most big companies i am sure they don't care.

Then began the frantic search for backups, i had recently migrated to a new and better server and hence had a lot of the files. But i would still be missing about 30 posts which is a LOT. I asked my bro to download my backup and by mistake he created a full backup instead of downloading the weekly backup. And that made me exceed my disk space. I uploaded the backups of last week. But later i found my site had been suspended by the guys at the Data Center because i overused the resources allotted to me. And that was the long and short of it. In the morning i requested my host to please reinstate my account ASAP and the kind people they are it started working pretty soon.


Vikash Tewari said...

All hail the great master !

Take me under your guidance master so even i can destroy my and other's hard work !

Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Fantastico isn't at all good for upgrades. It actually isn't good for installs too. For users who use Fantastico without phpmyAdmin making changes to databases can be a horrible task.

It's so much easier to extract the 1MB file from and follow the world-famous 5 step install system.