Thursday, June 21, 2007

How to save your computer !

After bringing you guys guides to wrecking your computer , i guess you should know how to save it too.

It was a chilly afternoon (evening ?) , i was surfing the internet, and suddenly , poof !

Firefox hung up on me, i restarted the computer, but it wouldnt run :O , it would hang while loading windows

I tried to use my licensed windows Xp also , it also didnt work :(

It was obvious now that it was a hardware problem as 2 operating systems usually don't crash together. I checked the bootlog.txt file and found that the computer was freezing upon loading my auxillary sound card drivers. So i removed the auxillary sound card and my computer worked perfect again.

Ofcourse between all of this i tried scandisking the drives and kicking my computer HARD !!! , but those didnt work :P

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