Saturday, April 28, 2007

Microsoft Student 2007 with Encarta Premium

If you are wondering, mine is an original copy. :)

Student 2007

I just got my hands on the new Microsoft Student 2007 software. I am yet to try all its features, but was immensely impressed by the Graphing Calculator. Its awesome to say the least. Makes doing physics practicals a breeze. Moreover the calculator also has an equation solver, triangle solver and 3D imagery to understand algebra and calculus. Let these exams be over and then i will experience further this software beauty and its functioning. Much better than my Casio ES 991 and FX 911 calculators which are nothing in comparison. But they are allowed in exams as they are non-programmable calculators unlike the Microsoft Student one, i cant carry a laptop to college exams, can i ?

casio 991 es

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Rohit said...

Glad to know that you are enjoying it!

Best of luck for your exams!