Monday, March 12, 2007

SPAM with Emotional Blackmail

Ok, firstly i dont know anyone by the name of the guy who supposedly sent me this. But i blurred the name so as to not humiliate anyone by that name. LOL, please respond or he may feel i said no. I may be an emotional fool, but this is ridiculous. Just when i think its reached the pinnacle i keep getting funnier SPAM.


MeMyself_n_I said...

ahh well, don't hurt the poor guy's feelings. :-p

Moksh Juneja said...

Completely agree with you... the stupid tag has even tagged the same invite to the top bosses of my firm... Screwed!

Ankit said...

@memyself_n_i - What can i say, i am a cruel man ;)

@moksh - SPAM as a whole is becoming a bigger nuisance by the second, the best bet is not to register on these shady sites.