Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to wreck your computer !

Computer Engineering - 101
Guide by Ankit

Ahem, i take pride in being one of the most literate as far as computers,their working and their organisation goes. But today was a bit different , a humbling experience if you would like to know. I got a new DVD Writer today, awesome lightscribe dual layer. As all the IDE ports were now occupied on my computer , i removed one of my drives , mixed and matched and added the new drive. To my horror, the computer said i had NO harddisk. It was weird as i could see the harddisk in the open cabinet. Not to be discouraged , i reassembled everything again and rebooted, this time Windows ME booted. To my shock again , Windows said i had messed up the Masters and Slaves in my drives and i needed to reboot. I rebooted and to my HORROR again discovered that even though windows gave no error , it now says i have no CD/DVD drive. Quite Ironical as i have four. Windows Xp was better and more forgiving it repaired the errors automatically and now while all my CD/DVD drives/writers work on Xp , they dont on millenium. The device manager shows the following errors.

Primary IDE Controller (dual fifo)
secondary IDE Controller (dual fifo)

I have tried removing the devices from manager, but it dont work even after Windows reinstalls the devices. A windows reinstall looks inevitable now. Unless one of you is able to help me. PLEASE HELP ME. Reinstalling motherboard drivers was also of no help. All i have done since i came home is wrestled with my PC and nothing else. Grrrrrrr.................

Windows Xp Rocks !!!