Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Quiz

Ok , life in college is one big quiz now. Today me,Sharat and another guy from Venky Devesh went to the quiz at Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi. Lots of corporate hotshots and bigwigs had come. The guy Gautam from ESPN, a newsreader from NDTV and more people. We were basically the ONLY first year team. And when we qualified , we were no doubt atleast 6-7 years younger than everyone. Yes you heard it right , WE QUALIFIED , then was the finals , we scored our 1st direct. Then came the audio round , with audio from the 60s we couldnt get any. We did better in the later rounds and had a couple of teams behind us in the end. Overall a nice experience. This is how a quiz should be, it was hosted by Joy Bhattacharyaji.


Amit said...

happy quizzing budy.... i hv a blog ( you hv checked it i guess) .....there is a stark similarity betn the URLs of our blogs....the reverse of both give out our names :) ...he he ...hope to see you frequenting my blog

Harish into 42, Jimbo and Higgs Field said...

Damn! Dude, please inform us on the NSIT thingy or even my blog on upcoming quizzes. Seriously good job, though!