Saturday, January 06, 2007

Tata Sky : Some facts

Are you looking to get Tata Sky , some tidbits about what all concerns it.

Tata Sky is an 80:20 joint venture between the Tata Group and STAR TV, Sky in the name comes from Sky broadcasting. It uses the Insat 4A satellite

  • Currently you will need to pay Rs.3000 for the set top box and Rs.1000 for the installation and warranty, for each additional Set top box , installation and warranty are halved.
  • The subscription charges per month for 1 TV is Rs.300 per month , for each additional TV , another set top box is needed , but the subscription charges shall be Rs. 100 per month.
  • Currently (atleast here in Delhi) , Tata Sky is giving 6 months of free service to those who book before January 10th , but beware the backlog is huge , if you buy a Set top box , you will have to wai atleast a week for your installation.
  • To book your installations/recharge etc. you have to call a 1901 number (which i think is a premium one) , or else you have to call a STD number in chandigarh for North India. (cheapskates)
  • It currently lists 106 channels on its website , it also has a payperview service called showcase , where in you can order movies.
  • It also has various interactive channels (active) , where in you can interact with the TV content.
  • Currently Tata Sky doesnt have the option of a DVR, Dish TV very convieniently doesn't mention that its DVR costs rupees 15990 (thats what their customer care said). A DVR is a digital video recorder (or maybe something else) , which will let you pause,play,record TV.
  • EPG or electronic programming guide provides you with 7 days of programming.
Something tells me no proper planning was made for te implementation of CAS, i read in the newspaper that even in Pakistan(not sure) , that pay channels are not permitted to show ads , imagine how economical viewing will become if TRAI did this. It will cause many of the channels to stop being pay as the amount collected from advertising are HUGE.

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Abhishek said...

It comes out to Rs.350pm with taxes, etc. I had it installed just yesterday Quality is awesome, but only till HD comes to India. What are these providers going to do then.

Charge us more money...grrr

SG said...

I think in a country like ours, corporates dont give a damn about their customers once they've been paid their dues. I'll pay 3000 bucks for the dish which shall be installed,say, on my terrace. Tomorrow if it breaks down(or gets stolen), will my grievances be redressed in a proper manner or would I be in for some nice oh-my-god-i-wanna-commit-suicide- type harassment ?

Anonymous said...

After having gone through the reviews on TATASKy for the past few months, I decided to buy one in the first week of Jan, 07. They took nearly 10 day to connect the antenna.What is the situation in placed where CAS has been implemented; is TATASKY really superior to CAS based set-top box? Much to our harrowing experience during this short span,to all those reading this article on TATASKY - I would just ask one question, would you at all prefer a service which TOTALLY FAILS during the rains
????!! For us , residents in Kolkata and other CAS affected regions, we have to either go in for a DTH service or take recourse to the cable operators set-top box, to view the pay channels. For the past six months TATASKY has been aggressively branding their product to be ’far superior’ to the cable operators. While I may agree that their picture quality is better in places where CAS has not been implemented, here in Kolkata at least they HAVE TOTALLY CHEATED US.
The first hint of the sorry state of affairs in the DTH service arrived on the day of the first one-dayer between India and Sri Lanka which was to be played here in Kolkata(the rains arrived and the match was ultimately abandoned), on the 4th feb 2007. Most of us, TATASKY owners in Kolkata received the message "The Set-top box in unable to receive a signal.." and the picture blanked out of the screen, for quite some minutes,when the rains started heavily. The same incident kept occuring on other rainy days and even on the 25th Feb 2007, at 8.30 PM when it started raining heavily, and the reception was back only after the rains receded around 9 PM. We have incidentally checked all the electrical connections to see if anything was loose etc..but unfortunately I have come to know that the DTH service will simply NOT WORK IF YOU are living in rainy places- In fact many foreign DTH related websites clearly state that the raindrops absorb and degrade the DTH signals. Users in the North-east and other rainy areas India have a very bitter experience in this respect. and
The picture quality ? DVD QUALITY ? HA ! Only the Star channels and a few others (etv/ Discovery etc) are somewhat DVD quality.Most of the channels picture quality are slightly better than VCD. In fact the entire ZEE and HBO channels are very poor ( most of these channels the picture appears ’out of focus’ most of the time---this has been confirmed by several TATASKY owners here.) For further analysis visit
In comparison, the CAS Based digital set-top box of our local cable operator NEVER fails during the rains. The picture quality is equal to that of tatasky( and infact some channels like zee and HBO are better than any DTH operator here).And they offer all the channels of Tatasky+ many more like HALLMARK, Boomerang, B4u Music ,B4 Movies, French , German Channels and also FM Radio channels(NONE OF WHICH ARE AVAILABLE IN TATASKY - the so called ’SUPERIOR’ DTH service ? in what sense..!!??!!). To our dismay , we learnt that many of our popular local bengali Channels(TARA Bangla, Kolkata TV, Alpha Tv Bangla,CTVN,Sonar Bangla etc) are NOT available in any DTH service.Similar is the case in other states.We have in its place been offered a gallery of too many channels of other regions. Not to mention that CAS is far chaper too- for the price of a single TATASKY connection, we can get two CAS digital set top boxe s along with it far cheaper rentals(Rs. 80/- for 35 free to air channels and we get to see only the selected pay channels we want for Rs. 5/- only for each pay channel; something NOT YET implemented in TATASKY, which has an inflated fixed rental of Rs300/- per month per subscriber ).
So I wonder, how does TATASKY claim themselves to be superior ? !!!? The showcase ? Why will I pay Rs.75 to view a movie just for one day- that too a few selected hindi only and no English or regional movies ?Moreover we can rent get a good quality DVD on rent for just Rs. 30/- per day ! The cable operators have dedicated a few channels only for movies of their choice- Hindi, English and regional; no separate charges are required. Well the active games/ whizkids etc etc ? Absolutely bullshit ! You can play far better games on you PC and even video games. NOT TO MENTION IT ALL, the terrible rain disruption will mean that, we esp. in the rainy areas in India will have to keep our TVs fitted with TATASKY connections , switched off during most part of the monsoon season- which means nearly 5 months a year in eastern and north eastern India. Therefore to prospective buyers BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE ….If you are living in CAS affected areas, do stick to your cable operator’s set top box. In case you are living in an absolutely dry area in the country; and if CAS has not been implemented , you may go in for the service taking other points into consideration.. As far as we in Kolkata are concerned, TATASKY will soon be TATA BYE BYE

vivek said...

the last person is definately seller of STB from the pesky little cablemen. In tata sky atleast we dont need to deal with the local idiotic cablemen

Avalok said...

How does an individual take on a Business Enterprise?

Legal system in India is known to be very inefficient & slow.

Do Organizations like [URL=]Tatasky[/URL] exploit consumers because of the tardy legal system?

Recently I have been short-changed by Tatasky - a company belonging to the famed Tata group.

See the mail I sent them below.

My desire is to alert others who might also end up in similar situation.

I need advise on how to proceed against Tatasky and get a refund from them.

Can the Internet community help?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a consumer of Tatasky Service. My subscriber ID is 1006111007

Last month on 19th I booked 2 additional connections for my house through your call center.
They instructed me to pay Rs.7000/- to the dealer for 2 nos. Digicomp & for installation charges, which I did.

Your engineer visited subsequently and after inspecting my house informed me that since the house had 2 floors and the entrances were separate
each floor are to be treated as a different premises hence additional connection can not be given.

I am living in a joint family & for privacy's sake I have constructed separate entrances in the house I own.

Subsequently I have been informed by your call center executives that refund will be given within 7 days.
But later, after continuous follow ups on my part the executives are now saying refund is not possible quoting some rules.
Now I am stuck with 2nos. Digicomps.

This is an unethical business practice.

The point of contentions are:

No where in your advetisements or you website is it mentioned that a house having separate entrances even though belonging to the same owner will be treated as different connections.

Still, If that be the case you should have sent the engineer to audit the premises before asking me to buy the Digicomp.

It is unfair trade practice to make the consumer buy the digicomps first and then refuse the connections requested & to refuse the Refund.

Please do the needful.