Monday, January 08, 2007

DHL University Express

DHL is not paying me to write this , but i still write it because i have been on the receiving end of pathetic customer service many times , but its the first time the customer service has been good. I had sent a package containing my brother's transcripts to Austin Texas. The package reached Austin in 3 days, but for 5 days it was just in Austin 'Scheduled for delivery' , i decided to call DHL , the first guy told me that he will call his US counterparts and inform me. I slept that night and in the morning surely my mobile had 3 missed calls. Then i called them again , the customer service told me that the university was closed and was supposed to open on Jan 2nd (that was the deadline too) , the DHL guy went early morning to the university but it was closed , George W. Bush had announced national mourning in honour of Gerald Ford and th university was closed again, the DHL guys called me and told me about the situation ,they said that they will try again on 3rd January and surely they delivered it at 9:16 am on the 3rd and i got an email and SMS confirmation. I have sent three packages till now and my experience till now has been very good and lets hope it remains that way. LOL , sometimes i read the horror stories on the internet and think what if that happened to me !

The cost is Rs.975 per package for the United States, a small price to pay for a great service.


praveen said...

I guess DHL has revamped its CRM module and has sincerely adhered to it this new year... :)

Jessica said...

Wow this is probably the first good story about DHL that I have heard. I have used them once and it was sooo bad I will never use them again. I only use our local Michigan courier service now. I hope your experiences stay good! not that i want that company to stay in business

Ankit said...

@jessica - Yes the experience has been surprisingly good ! Awesome even !