Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some assorted Photos from Hyderabad - Vacation

So i am back in Delhi and i had forgotten to take my camera cable to Hyderabad , therefore these pics are late. Hope you like these select pics from Hyderabad. A proper review of the places i visited in Hyderabad soon. But gotta admit there is no place like home.

flowers at golconda
Some Yellow Flowers from Golconda Fort

flowers at golconda
Some Pink Flowers from Golconda Fort

View outside the plane
The view outside the Plane on the way back

Hussain Sagar Hyderabad
Hussain Sagar Lake in Lumbini Park , the white thing is a Lord Buddha statue

Golconda Fort
Some nice rock shapes in golconda fort

Golconda Fort
The extreme top of Golconda Fort

Char Minar By Cellphone
Char Minar (Cellphone) - from the bangles and pearls market side

Another Char Minar by Cellphone
Char Minar (Again with my Cellphone) - also from the bangles and pearls market side

Microsoft India Development Center

Ankit's Day out - Yes folks , i went to Microsoft India Development Center as a visitor , will post all about my experience soon , well in short it was awesome , but proper post drooling over the microsoft campus coming soon. I really should start to work hard if i am to go there !!!

All photos can be used without my permission but with a link back to my blog


BrettBum said...

Happy New Years!

Siddharth said...

righto.. no place like home.

Aditya said...

What camera phone is it?

Osman said...

very nice pictures!!

I'd a friend in Hyderabad. The city looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ITs a LG M4410