Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hussain Sagar

We went to Hussain Sagar lake to do all the touristy things one does in Hyderabad , its basically a park complex , which has a lake in the middle of it which has a lord Buddha statue in the middle of it. The place is nice , apart from the high prices charged for all goods , no control on MRP here , Andhra tourism has done little to ensure things are sold on MRP. So basically , go prepared where ever you go , so you dont have to buy stuff from these overpriced government counters , imagine the government stalls selling things above the MRP. Anyway enough of that now , we then went to Hyderabad Central in Panjagutta (Hope i spelled that right). Very little of Hyderabad left to explore now except maybe the old city , but i am not too keen on it , as people here have told me its worse than Chandni Chowk there. Anyway till next time , goodbye !

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