Tuesday, December 06, 2005

One Chapter Ends

Well one of my most cherished parts of life came to an end yesterday. Yesterday i attended my last computer symposia - Code Wars 2005. I won 1st in Contact Morpheus, 2nd in Crossword and Surprise Event( H2G2 Game ). Today i feel sad as i will no longer be able to attend another symposium again due to the fact that i will be leaving school next year.Some of my most fond memories are of winning at places, having fierce quizzes, crossword, going for surprise events, fiddling with other school's computers and lots more...

But as they say time waits for none. I am really going to miss everyone on the computer symposium circuit especially friends.

It all started in class 5 , i went for access 1998 at modern school, barakhamba road. Next i went to Access in class 7 , this time with my to be quiz partener for many years dhruv.We lost. We got a huge thrashing from our Computer Teacher Ms Preeti Kapoor (Her surname's probably changed, as she is married now). It was then we decided to make winning a habit. We went in class 8 again and this time won and we never looked back. In these years i have accumulated lots of trophies, prizes but more importantly memories. The memories are fond in places like Exuns, Accesses, Modems, Codes, Code Wars and not so fond in others like Silico Battles,E-spices and so on....

Lets hope the future hold much more exciting things for me. Thanks